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Engage (new remix version single)   (KAMUNA)

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Orca's Song -KAMUNA 3-
Orca's Song -KAMUNA 3-  (KAMUNA)

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1. Orca's Song  2. Two Note Waltz  3. Escape from Spring  4. Homework  5. Home In The Rain  6. Paroque  7. Crossword  8. Orca's Song (instrumental) 
KAMUNA's 3rd album. You can enjoy both vocal and the new guitar versions of 'Orca's Song' in this album.

Gray's Keyboards
Gray's Keyboards  (KAMUNA)

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1. Orca's Grief 2. Second Amour 3. Gray's Keyboards 4. My Home Port 5. Another Christmas 6. Stephen 7. My Love 8. Midnight Eyes 9. Another Christmas (#2) 10. Orc's Grief (#2)
KAMUNA's 1st album. Mainly uses electric nylon-stringed guitar. Lyrical, melodious sound!

Engagé (KAMUNA)

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1. The Ultimate Compound  2. The Heart of the Wind  3. Musasabi Blues  4. REM-A Faded Memory  5. April Dancer  6. Waltz for Tonight  7. Lady Goblin  8. REM (#2)  9. Engage  10. The Ultimate Compound (reprise)
KAMUNA's 2nd album. More sophisticated sounds. You can also have a taste of YOSHIHARA's 'octave play technique' in this album.

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So Far Away -Takuki Yoshimitsu SONGBOOK1-
So Far Away  Takuki Yoshimitsu SONGBOOK 1

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1. So Far Away  2. Engagé   4. Lonely Sunday  5. Mugonka  6. The Ultimate Compound  7. Two Note Waltz  8. My Home Port  9. Crossword  10. Sophia Blue  11. An Exquisite Distance  12. Lasting Over Time  13. Born On Earth 
The best vocal sellection of Yoshimitsu Takuki.

Digital Wabi-Sabi
Digital Wabi-Sabi Vol.1 -As Easy As EWI-  (Jin Soda)
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1. My Endless Dream  2. REM -A Faded Memory-   3. Escape from Spring  4. Another Christmas  5. Autumn Leaves (dancing)  6. Gray's Keyboards  7. Stephen  8. Christmas in Abukuma
You should find the new world of modern music that shows the ambivalence of classical melody and digital possibility in this album 'Digital Wabi-Sabi'.
Enjoy splendid melodies and 'wabi-sabi' improvisations of EWI that you've never experienced.
BTW Jin Soda is another artist name (as composer and EWI player) of Yoshimitsu Takuki.

Digital Wabi-Sabi Vol.2 -My Mouse Plays the Piano-  (Jin Soda)
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1. Uguisu 2017  2. May Song-   3. June Storm  4. Song for Nanami  5. A Wooden Horse at Midnight  6. Mars and the Moon  7. Kanuma Yatai Matsuri  8. Christmas in Nikko 2016  9. Asoko made - the place where I'll sleep -  10. God Bless Us All With Love
The second album of 'Digital Wabi-Sabi' series.
You should be impressed by the 'duet' of wild nightingale (bush warbler) and EWI at #1.
In some tunes, you may be surprised how cool the 'mouse' plays the piano.
#9 and #10 includes vocals.

Takuki Yoshimitsu SONGBOOK 2  Female Vocals Collection

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1. Aimade 2cm 3. A Rainy Night(singer: Chiaki)  2.Good-bye My Silly Love(singer: Chiaki)  4. Schooldays Blue (singer: Chiaki)  5. Touch Me In The Morning Sun(singer: Yoko Takeda)  6. Second Amour(singer: MIKIE)  7. Waltz for Tonight(singer: DANA)  8. Marineblue Bossa(singer: DANA)  9.. Lonely Sunday(singer: Midori Shimizu)  10. My Home Port(singer: Midori Shimizu)  11. Arigato(singer: Midori Shimizu) 
Female vocals collection. Takuki wrote these songs mainly in 1980's.

Tanuki to Gosenfu -Takuki Yoshimitsu-
Tanuki and My Tadpoles Ver.2  (Takuki Yoshimitsu)

1. Bush Warbler Claimed So  2. Yukyu -Pray of the Forest-  3. Going Along Sarobetsu  4. Mugonka  5. Signals from the Forest  6. Christmas at Abukuma  7. Sakura Man-yu-ki  8. An Exquisite Distance  9. Born At Earth  10. Yukyu -Time Over The Earth- 
The first album born at Tanupack Studio. Resunpled and added some tunes as Version 2 in 2008.

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