Guitar Duo KAMUNA

KAMUNA is a guitar duo made up of Yoshimitsu Takuki and Hiroharu Yoshihara. They started their activity in 1995. Visit here to listen to KAMUNA's graceful guitar tunes!

Takuki Y. at his studio << Yoshimitsu Takuki

Born in 1955, a novelist as well, Takuki wrote the music for all the numbers played by KAMUNA. His favorite artist is Anthonio Carlos Jobim.
Hiroharu Yoshihara >>
Born in 1958. Jazz Guitarist. He can reproduce Wes Montgomery's octave technique using the thumb, and his melodious adlibs are simply amazing.

Orca's Song -KAMUNA 3- Gray's Keyboards Engage KAMUNA has released 3 CD albums: "GRAY'S KEYBOARDS", "ENGAGE" and "ORCA'S SONG".
You can listen and get these albums at iTunes store, Amazon MP3 and other music online stores.
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